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Submissions by Benjamin Nice


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20397 JBuilder Wish List CodeInsight for JSP and XML Tags
This feature only requires to reading of TLDs for JSPs. Then DTDs and schemas for XML.
8/3/2003 5:31:09 AM 5 0 bytes
20400 JBuilder OpenTools Close all Unchanged Files 1.1
"Close All Unchanged files" does just what it says. It appears on the context menu (when right clicking on a file tab).
8/3/2003 3:09:15 AM 258 1.2K
20395 JBuilder Wish List inteface instance to implemetation class
feature request
8/2/2003 8:10:07 PM 5 0 bytes
20391 JBuilder Wish List Be Able Close All Unchanged (Saved) Files
feature request
8/2/2003 8:08:29 PM 5 0 bytes

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