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Submissions by Gillmer Derge (TeamB)


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23934 JBuilder OpenTools CompileBuilder
Makes a "Compile Project" option available which invokes only the Pre-Compile and Compile build phases and not Post-Compile, Package, or Deploy.
2/28/2006 11:29:02 AM 55 4.9K
20969 C++BuilderX OpenTools Project Preferences for C++BuilderX/JBuilder, v.0.1
Adds a tab to the IDE Preferences dialog that includes all the settings that are available on the Default Project Properties dialog.
1/11/2004 4:11:29 PM 200 4.5K
18099 JBuilder OpenTools Package Expander, v0.2
Restores the old Project View behavior: double clicking a package node expands or collapses the tree node.
6/16/2002 8:59:43 PM 400 6.1K
17964 JBuilder OpenTools NumberLine, v0.2
When the tool is installed, line numbers are displayed
in the left hand gutter margin.
5/15/2002 1:30:03 PM 1006 8.5K
17595 JBuilder OpenTools Red Beans
This OpenTool serves two distinct but complimentary functions. Both
relate to eliminating "Red Beans" from JBuilder's Designer, as
described in the release notes.
3/2/2002 8:02:31 PM 220 6.5K
15540 JBuilder OpenTools Javadoc Wizard Free, v0.53
Free wizard for configuring and running javadoc on a JBuilder project.
2/25/2002 10:03:24 AM 8688 101.8K
16894 JBuilder OpenTools Jar Opener, v0.1
Adds a viewer for Jar files that displays the file's contents in a table.
12/8/2001 9:42:38 AM 794 7.5K
16244 JBuilder OpenTools Number Line
When the tool is installed, line numbers are displayed in the left hand gutter margin.
12/8/2001 9:37:48 AM 4126 7.2K
15392 JBuilder OpenTools Highlight Matching Parenthesis, Brace or Bracket, v0.52
Whenever the carat is immediately preceded by a parenthesis (or brace
or bracket), this tool places a highlight on the matching element.
12/8/2001 9:36:23 AM 14283 37.1K
16243 JBuilder Fixes CVS Update for JBuilder 4.0 Enterprise on Windows 9x
Addresses a problem with the CVS version control feature in JBuilder 4.0 Enterprise on Windows 9x operating systems.
6/16/2001 9:51:25 PM 224 7.1K
15799 JBuilder OpenTools ANTLR Parser Integration
Integrates ANTLR files into the JBuilder editing and build processes.
4/3/2001 10:46:43 PM 622 142.6K
15571 JBuilder OpenTools Property Page Designer
Enables use of the JBuilder designer for designing property pages (subclasses of
2/3/2001 10:13:45 PM 639 3.9K

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