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Submissions by Chris Bruner


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17729 Delphi Source Code ailife Artifical Life Simulation
A small program that simulates critters and plants, in their world. Features reproduction, and cannabilism!
3/26/2002 9:16:27 PM 610 328.9K
16370 Delphi Source Code Adding and Deleting components at runtime
A little program with source showing how to add and delete components, and also as a bonus, a little functions for showing components on a form.
7/15/2001 5:29:55 PM 715 179.2K
15898 Delphi Best Techniques Finding If More then Once, at Anytime During Execution
How to find if more then one instance of a program is running at any time during execution. Very little code involved :)
4/25/2001 8:25:10 AM 1511 175K

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