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Submissions by michael coutsoftides


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23063 StarTeam Source Code StarTeam 2005 Star Sync Source Code
StarTeam 2005 StarSync is a utility that deploys the files from a StarTeam view to one or more destination systems.Source includes JBuilder jpx project file.
2/24/2005 9:34:31 AM 179 1.2MB
23050 StarTeam Source Code StarTeam 2005 View Compare Utility
ST View/Label Compare Utility- Re-Compiled for use with StarTeam 2005.
2/22/2005 7:05:08 AM 387 2.5MB
23044 StarTeam Source Code StarTeam 2005 Promote Process Item Utility 6.1
The Promote Process Item Utility is a tool for promoting and demoting Change Requests, Tasks, and Requirements and its linked Files.
2/18/2005 3:09:01 PM 184 2.8MB
23045 StarTeam Source Code StarTeam 2005 Generic Change Request Import
This application will port data from comma delimited text files to StarTeam 2005 as Change Requests.
2/18/2005 3:06:54 PM 425 1.6MB

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