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Submissions by Vivek N


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25108 Delphi Source Code Automatic objects and C++ style RAII for Delphi
A simple technique to ensure auto destruction of heap objects in Delphi and do some RAII. Tested with D7, should work on D6 and above.
11/7/2007 1:47:01 AM 176 2.3K
23718 Delphi Source Code Your dream come true : Automatic objects for Delphi
Many of us Delphi fans wish we had automatic objects like we do in C++. In C++ one is accustomed to using automatic wrapper classes which grab a resource in the ctor and release it in the dtor. You can do the same in Delphi, but one has to manually call Free, which defeats the whole purpose. Heres a nice hack which gives the same effect without Free.
11/6/2007 11:52:19 PM 349 597 bytes

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