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Submissions by Karl Tauber


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18055 JBuilder OpenTools TextDragDrop 1.1
Adds Text_Drag_and_Drop operations to editor panes and File_Drop capabilities to the menu bar, tool bar and content manager.

Version 1.1 improves double_click_and_drag selection capabilities.
11/3/2002 3:34:48 AM 869 23.9K
17120 JBuilder OpenTools Selection Margin 2.2 (with line numbers)
Adds a selection margin to the left of each editor pane and displays line numbers within it.

Version 2.2 works together with the TextDragDrop OpenTool.
11/3/2002 3:24:39 AM 1528 40.9K
17121 JBuilder OpenTools TabSize OpenTool
The TabSize OpenTool can automatically change the tab size when you switch between files.
11/3/2002 3:22:04 AM 357 15.7K

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