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Submissions by Mileta Cekovic


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21435 JBuilder Wish List Delegate Wizard
Delegate Wizard that creates a class that delegates all methods to the methods of referenced delegate class or interface would be usefull.
2/11/2004 3:00:24 AM 3 0 bytes
21433 JBuilder Wish List Brace matching enhancements
Configurable matching brace highlight period, option to enable/disable brace matching and inner brace matching would be great
2/11/2004 2:56:21 AM 3 0 bytes
21434 JBuilder Wish List Window/New Browser option in JBuilder X
Window/New Browser option in JBuilder X is missing.
2/11/2004 2:55:43 AM 3 0 bytes
21432 JBuilder Wish List Code Folding of JavaDoc comments
Code Folding of JavaDoc comments would be gread addition to the JBuilder X code folding functionality.
2/11/2004 2:46:34 AM 3 0 bytes
19410 JBuilder OpenTools JBScript for launching and maintaining scripts 1.0.2
Create script with script wizard, set up environment variables per script or project level and launch script and view output on message view or console.
6/26/2003 6:15:11 AM 294 34.3K
19372 JBuilder OpenTools Tomcat 4.x Open Tool 1.0.1
duplicates existing Tomcat 4 Server support by adding two more Tomcat 4 setups (for Tomcat 4.0.x and Tomcat 4.1.x)
6/26/2003 6:08:25 AM 728 4.5K

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