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Submissions by B Clinton


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18009 JBuilder OpenTools FileExplorer 1.5a for JBuilder
This opentool integrate a convenient file explorer to JBuilder. (sits in the MessageView pane)
8/4/2002 7:20:38 AM 719 196.7K
17584 JBuilder OpenTools Scratch Code Runner 1.5b
This tool tries to add similar functionality of Visual Age's scrapbook to JBuilder, and perhaps more than that.
8/4/2002 7:08:02 AM 708 190.8K
15701 JBuilder OpenTools MiniShell 2.2 for JBuilder (Windows 2000)
This opentool integrate a convenient shell console to JBuilder.
7/19/2002 11:58:03 AM 711 153.5K
17799 JBuilder OpenTools KeymapPrinter 1.1b
This opentool lets you view/print hot key bindings and templates used in your IDE. You then can attach it to the monitor and don't have to memorize so many hot keys.
7/19/2002 11:56:44 AM 406 102K
18305 JBuilder OpenTools Toolbar Customizer 1.0
In case your JBuilder's toolbar expand to two lines, you may want to remove some buttons to save spaces, this opentool is created exactly for this purpose.
7/15/2002 7:37:22 AM 320 9.2K
17630 JBuilder OpenTools FontChooser 1.0c
This tool let JBuilder user to easily adjust font family/size in the editor area.
5/19/2002 8:13:25 AM 489 4.6K
17453 JBuilder OpenTools OpenTool installer in perl
This is not an open tool. It helps to install/un-install opentools on your machine.
1/23/2002 9:55:49 AM 123 4K

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