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Submissions by Scott Eade


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15778 JBuilder Wish List Perhaps a generic macros facility
A generic macro facility would be really useful.
3/26/2001 6:52:44 PM 11 0 bytes
15777 JBuilder Wish List Allow for parameters to code templates
Allow parameters to code templates to be specified and included in the replacement text.
3/26/2001 6:43:54 PM 9 0 bytes
15776 JBuilder Wish List Global Replace text (i.e. across files)
Implement Replace text across files (commonly known as global replace)
3/26/2001 6:31:00 PM 11 0 bytes
15775 JBuilder Wish List Allow for variables in Replace text
Enhance the Replace functionality to support replacement variables.
3/26/2001 6:20:58 PM 9 0 bytes

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