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Submissions by Mike Johnson


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19567 Delphi Source Code QTest v1.8 - Unit testing
freeware Unit Testing Suite in the Delphi IDE.. XP-style testing from within the IDE.
2/16/2003 7:36:09 AM 317 44.2K
19207 Delphi Components QTest v1.5 - test-centric development from the IDE
Delphi friendly way to create test cases for test-centric coding (ala, extreme programming). Update includes logging capability, more detail, and expanded test methods.
11/7/2002 7:47:36 PM 120 25.1K
18071 Delphi Components Qtest - component based Xtreme testing framework
Very similar to xUnit-style testing, but it
is a component you can drop on a form to create tests in a more
Delphi-friendly way
5/30/2002 8:31:09 AM 121 14.6K
16704 Delphi Source Code Nephele (nef-el'-ay) - TupleSpaces for Delphi
Tuplespaces facilitate interprocess communication in parallel programming. This is a first crack at a tuplespace for Delphi.
10/11/2001 7:38:04 AM 291 44.3K
16528 Delphi Source Code using XML to store your programs project files
Example of creating XML based project files for your programs with minimal coding. includes source.
9/8/2001 12:28:47 PM 1089 17.8K
16204 Delphi Source Code Quick RTTI version 2.2
version 2.2: XML>TPersistent>XML, XML>Forms/COmponents>XML. Preliminary web services, Class ancestor with savetoxml and loadfromxml methods.
8/8/2001 2:47:28 PM 950 253K

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