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Submissions by Karsten Strobel


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16667 InterBase Binaries IB_ShowUsers 1.0
Console mode program that lists all users currently connected to a database.
11/16/2001 3:14:01 PM 237 29.8K
16665 InterBase Binaries IB_Affinity 1.3
Console mode program that you can use to control the affinity mask of the running IBServer.exe process.
11/16/2001 3:13:19 PM 421 32.2K
16666 InterBase Binaries IB Milking Machine 1.4
Allows you to extract data from your Interbase db and store it into INSERT commands.
11/16/2001 1:58:32 PM 226 378.6K
17057 InterBase Binaries German interbase.msg
German translations of interbase.msg
11/14/2001 10:56:05 AM 192 881K

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