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Submissions by Alexey Torgashin


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24466 Delphi Components ATImageBox 1.7.3
Component implements scrollable image, with several options (fitting, centering, scaling etc).
6/20/2011 7:39:27 AM 340 399.6K
24260 Delphi Components ATFileNotification 1.1.5
Component allows to watch for files/directories changes.
1/30/2011 6:49:03 PM 422 312.4K
28020 Delphi Components GradientLabel Demo
Advanced label with smooth rotation; autosize; kinds: gradient, bitmap, outline; shadow.
9/12/2010 1:17:43 AM 65 360.2K
24259 Delphi Components ATBinHex 2.7.0
Component that implements quick file viewer for files of unlimited size.
3/21/2010 11:39:33 AM 387 774.4K
24048 Delphi Components ATViewer 2.8.4
Component that implements multi-format file viewer (similar to Total Commander Lister).
9/9/2009 9:03:45 AM 825 2.9MB
25417 Delphi Components ATPrintPreview Demo v1.3.5
Component allows to quickly implement "Print preview" dialog for image viewing applications.
3/4/2008 11:14:51 AM 64 382.2K
24289 Delphi Source Code Junctions 1.1.3
Junctions (reparse points) handling unit w/source. Plus utility similar to SysInternals' Junction.exe program. Uses Vista junctions API if possible.
1/27/2008 1:12:23 PM 231 36.6K
24514 Delphi Components ATStreamSearch 1.2.4
Component implements text searching functionality. You set the FileName or Stream property and then call FindFirst/FindNext methods to perform search with needed options.
1/27/2008 1:06:15 PM 81 467K

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