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Submissions by Igor Zenkov


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18137 Delphi Best Techniques COM+ based application logger
Large scale app logger using COM+ LCE,
Application side code is minimal.
Very flexible and configurable.
6/16/2002 7:25:54 PM 989 480.3K
17439 Delphi Best Techniques How-to setup Delphi IDE to debug COM+ server
Step by step instructions on how-to setup Delphi development environment to debug COM+ server
1/19/2002 3:59:42 PM 1271 40.7K
17282 Delphi Fixes Fix for CORBA DII bug in D6
How-to fix CORBA DII bug (D6 and Visibroker 3.3 for C++)
1/9/2002 11:19:23 AM 105 8K

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