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Submissions by Deepak Shenoy


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23915 Delphi Live Templates PInvoke Live Template for D2006
Use the PInvoke Live Template for Delphi 2006 to automatically get PInvoke Definitions for common Win32 functions.
1/28/2006 8:47:09 AM 232 13.7K
17807 Delphi Source Code Use ADO.NET datasets in Delphi
Learn how to display Ado.NET datasets in Delphi, and how to access such data from .NET based web services.
2/8/2005 5:18:36 AM 1752 8.6K
16431 Delphi Source Code Run without Debugging - Delphi Expert
Expert that will add a "Run Without Debugging" option to your Run Menu.
8/10/2001 12:40:09 AM 986 12.6K
16144 Delphi Binaries Agni EyeSpy for Delphi 6
Welcome to Agni's Eye Spy. Agni's Eye Spy the one and only complete Spy for Delphi applications. Eye Spy is a debugging tool using which the controls in a Delphi application can be spied on, for properties, events and messages.
5/19/2001 12:25:14 AM 228 1.2MB
15151 Delphi Source Code An Infotip Shell Extension in Delphi
When you hover over a DFM file in Explorer, this pops up a hint showing the caption, size, height etc. of the form. Code included.
9/23/2000 12:10:47 AM 1089 18.7K
14428 Delphi Components Windows 2000 File Open Dialog Box
Components that show the PlacesBar in the Windows 2000 & ME open/save dialog boxes.
9/11/2000 9:57:08 PM 1553 6.9K
15110 Delphi Components "Faded forms" - The Alpha Blending Component - Windows 2000 only
The TAgBlend Component makes your like a "faded" form - you can see "through" your form into the background, like a stained glass effect.
8/11/2000 8:23:12 AM 588 12.3K

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