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Submissions by Srdzan Kostenarov


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28346 C++Builder Source Code MPP (Microsoft Project) File Stream Viewer
This is Viewer for structured storage.
It is designed to be compatible with Microsoft structured storage, also sometimes known as OLE Compound Document.

7/3/2011 10:38:20 PM 55 329K
25024 C#Builder Complete Projects Simple Puzzle with solvable function
Simple Puzzle with solvable function.
How you know , melt function generated combination
and not all of them are solvable.
9/20/2007 5:03:58 AM 43 12.5K
24660 C++Builder Source Code Template for building commercial application
Source code use as starting point to develop
your commercial desktop application ...

6/6/2007 7:58:56 AM 580 16.1K
22781 C++Builder Complete Projects Puzzle 3
Game Puzzle , variable Cols and Rows , algoritham for random
permutation and is that combination is solvable.

11/19/2004 2:02:46 AM 1056 242.3K
19408 C++Builder Source Code Load Picture directly from scaner in your application
Load Picture directly from scaner in your application
12/29/2002 4:11:37 PM 1305 3.7K
19183 C++Builder Source Code Catalog Creator (create html files) source code
Catalog creator very useful and easy.Easy way to make catalog of articles with description and image and convert it as html files

11/4/2002 1:32:01 PM 634 28.3K
18822 C++Builder Binaries Catalog Creator (create HTML files)
Catalog creator , very easy and useful.
10/8/2002 10:35:03 AM 229 341.2K
16311 C++Builder Source Code Game Tsunami
Tsunami puzzles are a type of Japanese puzzle that were developed a couple of years ago. The puzzles appeal doesn’t rely on language or cultural barriers.

1/11/2002 10:24:59 AM 834 10.8K
17091 C++Builder Source Code TBinaryTree - Counter
This example show how to count characters in any file.
11/22/2001 10:05:05 AM 597 5.2K
15482 C++Builder Source Code Game Puzzle 2
Game Puzzle 2 (bug fixed)
1/13/2001 9:21:50 AM 1403 400K
15336 C++Builder Source Code Game - Puzzle
Game - Puzzle
11/12/2000 3:45:13 PM 1516 191.2K
15257 C++Builder Components TREdit
9/29/2000 4:30:28 PM 1130 15K
14715 C++Builder Source Code SimplePaint (paint with left mouse click and save your creation)
5/16/2000 2:39:04 PM 1478 161.7K
14696 C++Builder Components Custom TEdit component (TEditFin) for account application
5/1/2000 7:09:26 PM 1052 112.6K

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