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Submissions by Angus Johnson


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24274 Delphi Components Drawing Objects Version 2.6
A collection of 17 diagram components to be used for runtime designing of organisational charts, flow charts, network diagrams, mind maps, family trees etc.
11/14/2010 7:29:59 PM 595 980.4K
17118 Delphi Components Diff component (also includes a Diff-Merge utility)
A component which implements the "longest common subsequence" or "shortest path" algorithms commonly used in text file comparisons.
(Includes a fairly comprehensive Text Diff-Merge utility.)
6/2/2008 5:22:47 AM 1189 488.3K
12456 Delphi Source Code Delphi Drag and Drop Demo
Demo showing how to handle drag images and scrolling when using TControl's drag and drop methods.
4/28/2007 5:43:11 AM 2939 270.6K
14689 Delphi Components Component for moving/resizing controls at runtime (ver 6).
Component to aid moving/resizing controls at runtime.
6/7/2006 12:15:36 AM 2660 290.3K
19954 Delphi Components TDirectoryWatch Component
A component to notify whenever files (or subdirectories) in a selected directory change. (Encapsulates FindFirstChangeNotification within a watching thread).
5/11/2003 3:47:48 PM 404 7.6K
12452 Delphi Components Boyer Moore Horspool Search Components
Non-visual components (TSearch, TFileSearch) which enable very fast data searches using the Boyer-Moore search algorithm.
5/11/2003 4:20:40 AM 1731 6.1K
14975 Delphi Source Code Demo DropHandler DLL
7/13/2000 10:01:26 PM 538 164.3K
14723 Delphi Components Component to repair damaged zip files (ver 1.1)
5/29/2000 11:17:30 PM 611 10K
13345 Delphi Source Code How to force plain-text when "dropping" text into a richedit.
2/8/2000 12:00:00 AM 548 916 bytes

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