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Submissions by Patrik Spanel


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21894 Delphi Source Code SciZipFile: A single Delphi unit for ZIP file handling
Loading and saving of PKZIP format ZIP files. In memory compression and extraction. Uses Borland supplied zlib. No other files required. Ideal for OpenOffice documents. Updated to work with D2009
6/27/2009 2:11:18 PM 2282 56.1K
22624 Delphi Source Code Simulating http file upload using Indy.
In memory file construction and upload by http POST method.
10/12/2004 7:04:04 AM 499 2K
17587 Delphi Components Electronic Instrument Interface Component for a VXD driver
Free component for real time access to a hardware interface containing digital ports and analog inputs and outputs via digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters. Full source is included for educational purposes. Works with the range of PC cards from using the VXD for interrupt time processing.
3/6/2002 7:50:32 AM 523 35.5K

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