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Submissions by John Jackson


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24875 Delphi Binaries Unit Conversions Demo
LWE Research ( presents MATHEMATICS DLL TOOLKIT!(R). A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) based toolkit of mathematical functions for the experienced programmer and the novice programmer alike.
9/5/2007 4:30:47 PM 18 301.4K
21381 Delphi Binaries Electronic Mail Archive
Electronic Mail Archive Version for Outlook Express 6.0.
Saves data from Outlook Express to XML files for storage.
2/1/2004 7:16:14 PM 167 529.2K
20940 Delphi Binaries City State Country
Create XML lists of Cities, States/Provinces or Countries for importing into any database.
10/27/2003 4:20:54 PM 80 460.4K
19561 Delphi Binaries Desktop Database To XML (DD2X)
Analyzes Paradox, FoxPro and DBase table structures, indexes and data. Saves schema and data to XML.
2/15/2003 1:38:04 PM 317 477.3K
19264 Delphi Binaries Desktop Database To XML (DD2X)
Analyzes Paradox, FoxPro and DBase file structures, indicies and data.
Saves schema and data to XML files.
11/16/2002 6:39:25 PM 224 530.8K
18687 Delphi Technical Information Bulletin DD2X
This tool is for freelance and corporate developers who need to
analyze and convert Paradox, FoxPro and Dbase tables to XML files for
8/5/2002 7:27:06 PM 208 2K
18641 Delphi Technical Information Bulletin DD2XML
Analyze and convert Paradox, FoxPro and DBase files to XML.
8/1/2002 5:00:05 PM 175 2K
18504 Delphi Complete Projects Unit Conversions Version 5.5
Over 200 conversions available between and within British and metric measurment systems.
7/29/2002 8:04:13 PM 14 0 bytes
14281 Delphi Components MATHEMATICS DLL TOOLKIT 5.0 for Delphi and C++ Builder (Eval)
7/1/2000 12:00:00 AM 675 177.7K

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