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Submissions by Andre Wolff


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17817 Delphi Source Code TPrinterObj component for printing reports
Component TPrinterObj prints TPicture, TStrings, TDBGrid, TListView controls with user defined header and footers. PageOrientation, margins, #copies, pagerange, fonts, boxes around text, can be set.
6/6/2005 2:43:51 AM 2198 53.6K
19413 Delphi Source Code ListView control with standard sorting capabilities
ExtListViewCtrl derived from TListView contains sorting code: clicking the columnheader sorts data automatically.
Sortingtypes: date, number, currency.
Methods for navigation and searching in a table.
9/15/2004 5:25:50 AM 1120 19.1K
20007 Delphi Source Code Labeled edit control with validation and alignment properties
TExtEditCtrl adds input validation methods and properties to an edit-box. Supported input: integer, real, currency, letters, filename, folder name, hexadecimal number. Also text alignment.
8/22/2004 2:02:25 PM 819 21K
20163 Delphi Complete Projects List files in disk or folder
List/Print/Save all or selected file types in start-folder and its subfolders. Options: disk space, file date, MP3 album and track numbers.
3/6/2004 12:54:22 AM 1349 328.3K
17135 Delphi Complete Projects Backup Program
This program makes a backup of a directory and it's subdirectories.
3/6/2004 12:51:53 AM 3001 590.2K
17064 Delphi Binaries Visual Basic to Delphi conversion program
Program VbtoDelphi converts Visual Basic source code (*.bas. *.cls, *.frm) files to Delphi source code files.
9/1/2003 11:53:36 PM 1922 224.8K
20009 Delphi Complete Projects Bridge cards shuffle program
Shuffles bridge cards. Saves results into a PBN-file and into a Html-file. Can be used as Windows frontend for MS-DOS program BigDeal.
9/1/2003 11:50:11 PM 254 494.8K
17069 Delphi Source Code Printing the contents of a TDBGrid control
Procedure PrintDBGrid will print the contents of a TDBGrid control with optional gridlines centered to one or more pages:
Procedure PrintDBGrid(Const aPrinter: TPrinter; Const aCaption:string;
Const DS: TDataSet; Const aDBGrid: TDBGrid;
Const DrawHGridLines, DrawVGridLines: Boolean);
11/15/2001 3:04:01 PM 948 2.1K
17032 Delphi Source Code Printing the data in a TListView control
Procedure PrintListView will print the contents of a TListView control (in report mode) centered to one or more pages:
Procedure PrintListView(Const aPrinter: TPrinter; Const aCaption: string; Const aListview: TListView; Const DrawHGridLines, DrawVGridLines: Boolean);
11/14/2001 7:06:51 AM 811 2K

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