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Submissions by Mark Duncan


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17067 Kylix Fixes FreeCLX (Kylix1) update beta
FreeCLX update for Kylix 1 users. Merges most Kylix 2 fixes back to the Kylix 1 CLX codebase.
11/15/2001 5:26:33 PM 904 2.6MB
16340 Kylix Components Transparent Panel
Simple transparent panel draws bevels and child controls, lets everything else show through (like a heavyweight TBevel)
7/10/2001 3:13:40 PM 1241 874 bytes
16133 Kylix Source Code X11 Event Filter callback
Gain direct access to the X11 Event Filter from a Kylix application
5/11/2001 1:38:23 PM 698 566 bytes
15803 Kylix Source Code Circular Hints for Kylix
A THintWindow descendant which displays hints in a "raised" circular hint window.
4/4/2001 10:51:58 AM 538 917 bytes

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