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Submissions by Peter Johansson


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21537 Delphi Source Code Variable filer and streamer for Delphi
Collect different types of variables and save them into one file or stream.
3/13/2004 11:55:05 AM 241 9.9K
21482 Delphi Source Code Dynamic library that encrypt and decrypt text
Dynamic Link Library for Delphi and C, C++ Applications
It provides a simple way to encrypt and decrypt text. Packaged with demos for delphi.
2/26/2004 10:35:47 AM 536 18.5K
21172 Delphi Source Code Color picker component
Color Picker component for a fast way to pick a color.
11/30/2003 2:35:29 AM 256 7.1K
21171 Delphi Source Code Keep track on running applications
TApplicationList monitors visible applications, just like the task list in Windows does.
11/30/2003 2:30:39 AM 393 6K
21170 Delphi Components Turn your application into shareware
Fleksible lock / unlock mecanism for shareware Applications
11/30/2003 2:23:35 AM 312 15.6K

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