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Submissions by Eudy Silva


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16772 C++Builder Complete Projects Directory Monitoring in a Separate Thread (SETI@Home client)
A project demonstrating how to implement directory change monitoring in a separate thread.
The directory to monitor is retrieved from the registry.
10/22/2001 7:28:37 AM 1023 223.1K
16184 C++Builder Complete Projects How to Make 3D Projections to Plot Simple 3D Objects and Curves
Routine to plot 3D objects on a 2D surface. Control the observer position, view direction and zoom factor.
5/20/2001 8:12:40 PM 1796 283.2K
15827 C++Builder Complete Projects Detecting and Changing Display Resolution at Runtime
How to call Windows' API functions to detect the current display mode, find available display modes and set a desired resolution/color depth at runtime. Updated.
4/9/2001 9:32:57 PM 2302 8.2K

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