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ID: 12457, Fix sending of DateTime Optional parameters

by Dan Miser Email: Anonymous

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For Delphi, Version 2.0  to 2.0 20 downloads
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Updated on Fri, 14 May 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 14 May 1999 00:00:00 GMT
// Fixes fetching of DateTime type Optional parameters
procedure TCustomPacketWriter.AddAttribute(Area: TPcktAttrArea; const
ParamName: string;
const Value: OleVariant; IncludeInDelta: Boolean);
DateRec: TDateTimeRec;
TimeStamp: TTimeStamp;
if ParamType = dsfldZSTRING then
ParamType := (dsfldZSTRING shl dsSizeBitsLen) or dsVaryingFldType
or SizeOf(Word);
ParamLen := Length(Value) + 1;
PWord(FBuffer)^ := ParamLen;
Inc(ParamLen, SizeOf(Word));
StrPCopy(@FBuffer[SizeOf(Word)], Value);
end else
(**) (* Josh Dahlby (99-04-21): Add the following code *)
if ParamType = dsfldTIMESTAMP then
TimeStamp := DateTimeToTimeStamp(Value);
DateRec.DateTime := TimeStampToMSecs(TimeStamp);
Move(DateRec, PByte(FBuffer)^, ParamLen);
ParamType := ParamType shl dsSizeBitsLen or SizeOf(TDateTimeRec);
end else
(* End add *)
if VarIsArray(Value) then

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