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ID: 15601, Determine what executable actually gets run

by Richard Byrne Email: Anonymous

Search the DOS PATH variable to locate the executable that will be
run if a full pathname is not entered at the command prompt.
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For JBuilder, Version 3.3  to 4.0 398 downloads
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Size: 3,817 bytes
Updated on Sun, 11 Feb 2001 06:45:19 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 11 Feb 2001 06:45:01 GMT
SHA1 Hash: EF510383A3935A92EC05714F81ACF31E4EAD1DBF
MD5 Hash: 41CA544BB31B94E0C30E167D504CC4D8

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If you type 'java' at the DOS command prompt, what will actually get run? You might think you know, but ... DOS has some very specific rules about path searching that might not seem obvious. For instance, typing 'java' at the command prompt could run a version of java.exe that you don't expect!

Type which java at the command prompt to find out. Works with any DOS executable (i.e. .com, .exe, .bat)

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