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ID: 15671, Advanced Templates IV - Please Read the Description For Details

by Jacob Robertson Email:

Advanced Templates, including macros, parameter passing, and mini templates.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 5.0 2337 downloads
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Size: 136,570 bytes
Updated on Sun, 25 Nov 2001 15:14:35 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 26 Feb 2001 22:04:34 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 43C302E77659705AAEC4C378C4FB6D8AF6695A38
MD5 Hash: 37C1C16643CF094EEAE5E262EAF3C0E7

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* Robestone's Advanced Templates
* Version IV (released 11/25/2001)
* What are Advanced Templates?
* * Macros - Execute a series of keystrokes, KeyMap actions, and templates.
* * Templates with parameters - pass values in to the templates you make
* * Mini Templates - quickly expand a dynamic list of keywords
* Changes since Version III:
* * Now can replace normal JBuilder templates completely
* * Now supports JBuilder 5
* * Added Java Code Macros - allowing you to write some Macros in Java (yes, including a "Date" Macro)
* * Simplified use of Keymaps in Macros
* All features (including recent changes) are explained in great
* detail in the tutorial file that is included in the .zip distribution file.
* ********* NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR ***********
* When Version I of the Advanced Templates came out, it was downloaded
* around 1200 times, and I thought that when Version II was released, it would
* be met with even greater enthusiasm. However, it wasn't. I decided that
* the reason must be that I didn't explain the Macros very well in this
* introductory document, and so few people were excited about how powerful
* the Macros are. So, I'm giving some examples of how great the
* macros can be. Keep in mind that these are examples that come with the
* .zip file, but you can also create your own new Macros using a simple GUI just
* like you can create your own Templates.
* ****> Example 1: The "new" macro
* Start with this code in front of the cursor:
* SomeClassName var1 |
* Type 'n' followed by control-J and you get the rest of the line
* automatically expanded for you:
* SomeClassName var1 = new SomeClassName(|);
* ****> Example 2: The get/set macro
* Start with this code in front of the cursor:
* private SomeClassName myVar;|
* Type 'gs' followed by control-J and you get the get and set methods
* automatically generated for you:
* private SomeClassName myVar;
* public SomeClassName getMyVar() {
* return this.myVar;
* }
* public void setMyVar(SomeClassName myVar) {
* this.myVar = myVar;
* }
* ****> Example 3: Constructor helper macro
* Start with a constructor and the cursor right before one of the parameters:
* public SomeClassName(|String param1, int param2) {
* }
* Type 'pt' followed by control-j and you get the parameter created as a field
* in the class, and the parameter set to that field in the constructor:
* private String param1;
* public SomeClassName(String param1, int param2) {
* this.param1 = param1;
* }
* ****> Conclusion:
* Macros can make the life of every programmer a little easier. Advanced users can
* take advantage of Macros by creating their own extremely complex Macros, and less
* ambitious programmers can simply make use of the small library that comes with the
* Macros distribution. Either way you win.

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