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ID: 15907, QStudio JAVA 1.4 - with JBuilder Integration

by Hilbrand Bouwkamp Email:

QStudio JAVA is a software quality control tool. Using automated source code inspection, based on Java Patterns. It helps you to improve your programming skills and to improve the quality of your source code.
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For JBuilder, Version 3.5  to 5.0 175 downloads
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Updated on Fri, 04 May 2001 03:23:50 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 26 Apr 2001 10:20:55 GMT
SHA1 Hash: DE8178983DD0F7E0AED3D5CB4ADEC9B6A33A04F1
MD5 Hash: 87DE86083C00BB6C452D0B1D323AC22F

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QStudio JAVA is a software quality control tool. Using automated source code inspection techniques, based on Java Patterns, it helps you to improve your programming skills and let you learn from the best. QStudio JAVA checks your source code on numerous aspects to help you avoid pitfalls, to improve your source code structure and to adhere to your programming standards. All supported by extensive documentation from explaining the philosophy behind the patterns up to hints for source code improvements.

QStudio JAVA comes in three different versions; Lite, Pro and Enterprise.

The QStudio JAVA Lite version is a full functional version, but limited in number of rules. A complete overview of all patterns and rules is available on our portal: QStudio JAVA Lite comes with a full integration for JBuilder to let you experience the use of QStudio JAVA to its full extent.

QStudio JAVA Pro, targeted to the individual developer, is the Lite version with all rules available and the extensive set of patterns, e.g. equivalence, names, structures, etc. includes JBuilder integration also.

QStudio JAVA Enterprise is targeted to team development. Team development support provided for centralized user and project management for the QStudio JAVA tool to distributed software development environments. It allows extensive reporting en quality assessments, including milestone management and historical quality data tracking.

QStudio JAVA is supported for all three major platforms: Windows, Solaris and Linux, runs both on JRE 1.2 and 1.3 and is integrated with JBuilder.

All 3 platforms versions of the Lite version are delivered on this Companion CD.

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