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ID: 16090, IntraWeb 3.0

by Jim Gunkel Email: Anonymous

IntraWeb 3.0 allows you to create highly scalable web-enabled applications completely within the Delphi IDE using only Object Pascal (i.e. no scripting required).
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 6.0 564 downloads
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Size: 2,273,634 bytes
Updated on Fri, 18 May 2001 16:47:46 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 07 May 2001 07:46:22 GMT
SHA1 Hash: BE5F965D22A16C011AD834EC95BF171DF6BB25AC
MD5 Hash: 5900A37ADFA43DBA55138D88B58EFF7D

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IntraWeb 3 is a revolutionary new way to create your web-based applications. IntraWeb 3 is built upon and extends the technology of IntraWeb 2.0 and Web Solution Builder 1.0, delivering an excellent means for creating Internet, IntraNet and ExtraNet applications in a quick and maintainable manner.

Other web-based development tools require you to deal with issues such as state tracking, CGI scripting or complex client configurations. Not so with IntraWeb 3! You simply create your application using the IntraWeb component suite within Delphi, install it on the server and then your clients access it using an HTML 4 compatible web browser. No HTML, CGI or JavaScript coding required, just pure Delphi code. For added flexibility, the application can also be run locally as a normal executable.

So if you would like to create, debug and maintain web-based applications as quickly and easily as your normal Delphi applications, you need to be using IntraWeb 3.

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