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ID: 16097, Importing data from Clipboard, StringLists, delimited Text Files

by Joselito Real Email: Anonymous

Plug and play unit to importing data from Clipboard, StringLists, delimited Text Files and CSV files to datasets.
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For Delphi, Version 3.0  to 6.0 1226 downloads
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Size: 2,879 bytes
Updated on Mon, 07 May 2001 17:06:48 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 07 May 2001 17:04:55 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 55F73B3B7130B2836D768646F592601E20725896
MD5 Hash: 8E79655192552636478427F66990B9FC

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Simply use this unit to add the capability to import TEXT
data from ClipBoard, StringLists, Text Files, and CSV (comma-
separated variable length ASCII file) to any TDataSet
descendants, including but not limited to DBISAM Tables,
dBASE & Paradox, tables, Advantage Tables, etc. This unit
will not import blobs, graphics nor import memo fields
containing CR-LF and non-ASCII characters. This unit will
work with Datasets having blob or graphics fields as long as
you don't include the fieldnames of these fields in the header
of the import file or clipboard. This unit can also import memo
fields as long as the memo fields are composed of a properly
delimited string.

The first row should be the fieldname header,
subsequent rows are data to import. This will only import
data for the matching fieldnames, it will skip blank column
names, and any data under the column names not found in
the destination dataset are also skipped. If you have more
datafields than your header on the subsequent lines, those
extra datafields will be ignored.

This will import data regardless of column position.
This uses direct index location of data fields, and this saves
some CPU time especially if you have many data fields.

Included in this unit are four methods and two functions.

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