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ID: 16143, Diamelle Enterprise Business Components 1.04

by Suneet Shah Email:

Enterprise Business Components (EBC) is an EJB components framework for building eBusiness Applicaitons. The package provides 60 to 90% of the functionality commonly found in eBusiness applications including - Authentication, Navigation, Views, Profiling, User, Catalog, shopping cart, order processing, billing and shipping.

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Updated on Mon, 14 May 2001 17:01:37 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 14 May 2001 07:13:14 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 4BB388639B52A9E0B4DF603D2A84B08CFD843998
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Enterprise Business Components (EBC) are a family of server side components developed using Sun Microsystems' Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) specification. The package provides low level infrastructure as well as well as commonly needed components that provide 60 to 90% of the functionality commonly found in eBusiness applications. These components provide functionality for Authentication, Navigation, large resultset management, User and profile management, catalog management, shopping cart, order processing, billing and shipping.

Component Summary:

Every application requires the ability for a user to move around the application.Typically, a menu system helps users go to the desired place in an application. The Navigator components provides a way to generate what the navigation options will be for a user when they access an application or a Web site. For example, the menu may include the links users can see from a specific point on a web page. EBC?s advanced menu functionality EBC Navigator components are driven from an underlying database, which means they can offer different menu choices, depending on user roles. For example, it may be desirable to have a single application for both customers and internal personnel ? the internal menus may offer more or different choices.


A generalized component that generates and displays summarized data. The component offers functionality that is commonly required ? searching ? coupled with an efficient way to views the results. The Data Set View component executes queries against the data set, and includes the capabilities for caching and browsing the result set. The results from a search query are stored in the bean, so actions against the query results are very fast.

Product and Inventory

The product components have the ability to represent a company?s offering, either a service or "hard good" product, along with associated details about the offering. The product or service offerings are typically placed in a catalog, with associated attributes. Product is also associated with pricing policies and Inventory.


User includes User, Customers, Companies and Retail Consumers. EBC user components are designed and built with the ability to address both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments. All these user beans are capable of storing contact information, and interacting with other beans with this information. Contact information can include virtually any type of user information, including e-mail and street addresses, credit card information, telephone numbers, and so on. This information can be used, for example to auto-fill shipping information within the checkout age of an application, as well as print the shipping label and invoice.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart bean is essentially a lightweight bean that collects customer-selected items for purchase. The shopping cart bean can collect items into a virtual shopping cart, keeping track of the number of items of any offering while keeping a running total of the amount in the cart. The bean interacts with other components, such as user information, pricing, and catalog components. The shopping cart bean also facilitates the transition from selecting items for purchase into an actual order, using components from the order-processing component set.

Order Processing

The order processing components include order, shipping, and billing beans. The order processing components are designed to be customized so they can reflect the individual aspects of each company?s order lifecycle. The built-in workflow capabilities within these components provide additional customization capabilities. This enables companies to create a comprehensive order processing system that can fit virtually any requirement or model.

Foundation Layer

These components are used to allow companies using EBC components to write new beans. Diamelle Technologies EBC components are part of an overall solution framework, which can be extended as needed. The foundation layer components offers good "building blocks" to create major new functionality.

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