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ID: 16503, CommentLine (comment-out selection)+cycle viewers

by Marcel Schutte Email: Anonymous

CommentLine can replace the built-in editor action for commenting out lines of code. It uses the right symbols for the most common file types.
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Size: 11,168 bytes
Updated on Fri, 16 Aug 2002 02:48:45 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sat, 01 Sep 2001 03:02:36 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B35160DB32F76DA8030557A9E10E205BA694B1F5
MD5 Hash: E1CEE3F3A7C5C9CAD880F6E665923D0D

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CommentLine 1.0
This opentool is intended as a replacement for the CommentLine action. A drawback of the old action is that it assumes every file is a java file. Commenting out portions of XML, HTML or JSP files is just as common and that's what this opentool provides.

The complete list of supported file types is: java, idl, c++, xml, html, jsp, sql and properties.

By default the new action is not assigned a keystroke, but I suggest you use tools/ide options/customize to assign it to the same keystroke you have the current CommentLine action under. You find them both under Miscellaneous.

For questions I can be contacted at

CommentLine 1.1
The new version adds support for several new file types:

*.sh, "#" at top of each line. (sh script)
*.py, "#" at top of each line. (python script)
*.pl, "#" at top of each line. (perl script)
*.pm, "#" at top of each line. (perl script)
*.jj, "//" at top of each line. (JavaCC grammar)
*.bat, "rem " at top of each line. (batch script)
*.cmd, "rem " at top of each line. (NT batch script)
*.xsd, same as XML (XML schema definition)

It can also work together with Xeddy now.

As a bonus there is another action available now, which cycles through the different viewers for the currently open file. So you go from source to design to bean etcetera. You can map it to a keystroke of your choice just like the commentline action. It can be found under 'Browser', 'Next viewer'.

CommentLine 1.2
Works in JBuilder 7 now.

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