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ID: 16571, Extend Abstract Class Wizard

by Jonathan Simon Email:

Extend Abstract Class Wizard (Like "Implement Interface Wizard" for Abstract Classes)
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 5.0 542 downloads
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Size: 10,502 bytes
Updated on Fri, 21 Sep 2001 18:56:33 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 21 Sep 2001 19:21:42 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 03612FB9BF861DB88145EBB0F9B3B6487EE8F7F1
MD5 Hash: 9A8932AB823D418943A373E2DCF100B3

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E x t e n d A b s t r a c t C l a s s W i z a r d

JBuilder plugin
by - Jonathan Simon

This plugin duplicates the functionality of the "Implement Interface Wizard"
Included with JBuilder for extending abstract classes. Invoke the wizard from the
Wizards menu from JBuilder. The wizard guides you through selecting the super class
(the abstract class to extend) and automatically sets the super class in the selected
Java file, imports the super class if necessary, and adds empty concrete method
for all of the abstract methods of the super class.

****** The huge is that it also works for Inner Classes (which the JBuilder
Interface wizard does not). When you invoke the wizard, it gives you the option
of selecting the main class you are editing or any of its inner classes. Therefore
you can have an INNER CLASS of the file you are editing extend an abstract class.
You can not select inner classes of other classes as the super class, because it is
assumed that public access to an inner class is frowned upon (it also would have been
a lot more difficult to write!)

Unzip the ExtendAbstractClassWizard.jar file to you %JBuilder%/ext/lib directory.

1. Invoke the "Extend Abstract Class Wizard" from the Wizards menu.
2. Select the class you want to have extend an abstract class.
3. Use the tree to select the abstract class.
4. Hit "OK".
5. You will be warned if the class you select to extend an abstract class
is already extending another class.

Jonathan Simon

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