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ID: 16716, Productivity! 1.25 - Forget about routine coding

by Gregory Ledenev Email: Anonymous

Productivity! is genuine and rich set of tools intended to greatly simplify routine coding and navigation operations. As result it allows significantly speedup of your
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 7.0 2540 downloads
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Size: 1,022,811 bytes
Updated on Mon, 15 Jul 2002 07:06:53 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 14 Oct 2001 18:39:35 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 19EC115B87831A5C5320A4D8DF3A37AA17CBBC4B
MD5 Hash: A1A706519D05C824EAB3D41344E1B7CF

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Productivity! for JBuilder v1.25

Important Note:

Unfortunately, we was unable to upload v.1.25 to CodeCentral due to constant CodeCentral server errors, so to download the latest version (1.25) please visit our site -

Productivity! is genuine and rich set of tools intended to greatly simplify routine coding and navigation operations. As result it allows significantly speedup of your development productivity. All Productivity! tools are carefully designed and tuned to minimize efforts needed to invoke and use them so you can enjoy friendly environment Productivity! offers.

Productivity! allows you:

- Forget about typing your imports!
- Forget about annoying dialogs and Wizards while you are coding!
- Discover context and navigate through it!
- Use hyperlinks to surf and to get informed!
- Free navigate through your classes, methods and fields!
- See quick help for classes and methods exactly where and when you need!
- Add super interfaces or change super class in several simple steps!
- Override methods and constructors in couple clicks!
- Add access methods for you fields instantly!
- Use your own unique naming standards!
- And finally forget that you are using Productivity! - just enjoy your favorite IDE, interesting work and your superior performance!

Try Productivity! to add unleashed power to your JBuilder environment!

Installation Instructions
To install Productivity! please unpack archive you've downloaded and copy productivity.jar to your lib/ext directory under your JBuilder installation.

NOTE: If you already have Class.Insight installed in your system please remove it as Productivity! has it already included. Also, please remove previous version of Productivity! (if any exists).

Productivity! Key Installation
Productivity! requires key file, which enables Productivity! functionality.

How to Obtain Key File

In some cases the evaluation key file productivity.key may be found in the downloaded archive. In general, please visit or contact to to to obtain evaluation or commercial key.

How to Install Key File

The key file should be located into the same directory as one used by JBuilder for storing it's preferences and license. Location of this directory depends from operation system you are using.

Please browse to your HOME directory (you may find it using the Home button in JBuilder Open File dialog). Within your home directory you'll find .jbuilder4 directory (or .jbuilder5, depending from your version of JBuilder). You need to copy the key file to this directory.

Another way to find location where Productivity! key file should be placed is starting of JBuilder with installed Productivity!. If there is no key file, Productivity! will inform you about this fact using appropriate message dialog. You may find location of the key file in that dialog.

To install key file, please copy productivity.key file to location described above.

Productivity! Help Installation
To install documentation for Productivity! please copy productivity_docs.jar to your doc directory under your JBuilder installation.

Uninstalling Productivity!
To uninstall Productivity! please remove copied jars.

Changes from v1.20 to v1.25!
1. Added support of JBuilder 7
2. Minor improvements

Changes from v1.15 to v1.20
1. Fixed problem that may lead to decreasing scrolling performance of JBuilder editor after insight popup invocation
2. Improved support of Macintosh:
* additional Macintosh Safe keymap added to eliminate possible Macintosh related shortcut conflicts
* added ability to specify whether META key should be used instead of CTRL to invoke Highlight.Navigate tool
3. Improved functioning under JDK 1.4.0
4. Minor improvements

Changes from v1.11 to v1.15
1. Fixed improper refresh of changed super classes constructors issue in Constructor.Insight and Override.Insight
2. Minor improvements

Changes from v1.1 to v1.11
1. Added ability to operate under JDK 1.4
2. Minor improvements

Changes from v1.02 to v1.1
1. Added support of JBuilder 6
2. Minor improvements

Changes from v1.01 to v1.02
1. Fixed wrong placement of Help.Insight in some cases.
2. Browse.Members
- Changed Browse.Members behavior to let it always show the members of particular class if this class is the only one class contained in the file.
- Adjusted scrolling to members to let them be placed near the center of the editor.
- Added temporary highlight of member has been browsed.
3. Improved L&F of all insights.
4. Several minor improvements as well as defects fixes.

Changes from v1.0 to v1.01
1. Added ready-to-print documentation.
2. Added "drop shadow" effect to all insights.
3. Smart.Instantiate
- Fixed a problem that in certain cases can cause hang up of JBuilder.
- Fixed improper code generation when caret is being right after parentesis.
4. Fixed defect in Smart.Brases related to improper handling of read-only files.
5. Several minor improvements as well as defects fixes.

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Copyright © 2001-2002 AMIS Software

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