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ID: 16876, Autodata:Lightweight XML/CSV storage-non data aware controls

by Anil Subbarao Email: Anonymous

Creating XML/CSV files using non data aware controls during prototyping using , JAD sessions and desktop applications that do not need a full fledged database.
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For Delphi, Version 5.0  to 6.0 444 downloads
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Size: 11,553 bytes
Updated on Thu, 10 Jan 2002 09:06:46 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 01 Nov 2001 14:59:35 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 77CCEF6C5D0E419807F17F8ADACC458B5F314A75
MD5 Hash: B16268A364565C603782D6AB50E851D5

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The AutoData component allows you to use regular non data aware controls such as edit boxes, combos, check box, radio buttons etc on a form and save the data entered into a XML or CSV file. The navigation component allows you to navigate, add, delete and search the data you have saved in the file. It also allows the user to view the data in a table.

Drop some edit boxes, combos, check box and radio buttons onto a form. Add the Autodata component. Hey presto - you need not even link the edit controls to any database tables or columns - the Autodata navigation component automatically links the edit controls to the CSV or XML file you specify and stores the data. Works with the following non data aware controls:
a. All components derived from CustomEdit such as Edit and Memo
b. ComboBox
c. CheckBox
d. Radio Group, Radio Buttons
e. DateTimePicker and MonthCalendar

Compare this with the DB navigation where you have to specify table names, then you have to link DB Edit components to tables and then link the data fields. None of that is needed here, just drop the components into a form, Autodata does the rest.

Please feel free to modify the source code and use it in any manner what so ever, but remember that we do not guarantee anything.

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