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ID: 17105, Piecewise Functions and Expression Templates

by Carlo Galotto Email: Anonymous

A framework based on Expression Templates that allows to build any kind of Piecewise Functions using a natural analytical sintax.
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For C++Builder, Version 5.0  to 5.0 217 downloads
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Size: 21,889 bytes
Updated on Mon, 26 Nov 2001 14:47:53 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 25 Nov 2001 06:05:48 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 92725A92F1B8E3BCE0270BEE82EAA0BEE9570BF3
MD5 Hash: 39FDE96A51EE8C6468DB0FE8856F2151

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The intent of this framework is to use expression templates to build any kind of piecewise functions in a easy and extendible way. Incapsulating all kinds of functions with its paramaters in a class is not an easy deal if you try using the standard callback functions mechanism.
The complexity grows even more in defining the domain of each piece of function.
This framework is complete enough to allow to write directly the piecewise function using a human algebric format almost as you would do on a piece of paper. Here below some examples of how to use the framework

PieseWiceFn fn1( 1/(x-1), x > 1 ); // 1

PieseWiceFn fn2( -x*x + 3.14*x + 1 ); // 2

PieseWiceFn fn3; // 3
fn3.Add( m*x-c, x >= c/m && x < 2*c/m ); // 3.1
fn3.Add( -m*(x-2*c/m)+c, x >= 2*c/m && x <= 3*c/m ); // 3.2

double y = fn1(1.4); // 4

in //1 the domain of x is every real (double) number greather than 1.
in //2 domain of x is every real number
in //3 and the followings we build a parameterised (m, c) triangle function.
in //4 the function fn3 is evaluated for x equal to 1.4

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