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ID: 17177, Clipboard Manager - manage the clipboard history

by Jacob Robertson Email:

Clipboard Manager - manage the clipboard history
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 5.0 345 downloads
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Size: 87,155 bytes
Updated on Thu, 13 Dec 2001 18:59:34 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 13 Dec 2001 19:01:58 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 65ABC8CCEA30BA8EA37973E7C2EBC2C210A96F61
MD5 Hash: D6E8D71B5543BC4D95901CD631009FAD

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* Robestone's Clipboard Manager
* Version 1.0 (released 12/13/2001)
* This Open Tool is unlike other clipboard tools, due to its advanced and intuitive features, and ease of use.
* In a nutshell, the Clipboard Manager has three great new features (with examples below):
* * Clipboard Stack - Use, view and edit a history of all clipboard activity.
* * Paste-Pop Action - Quickly paste multiple items from the Clipboard Stack in an intuitive manner.
* * Switch-Paste Action - See below for an explanation of this innovative feature
* All features are explained in great detail in the tutorial file
* that is included in the .zip distribution file, and is accessible either as an HTML file
* when you unzip it, or from the "help" button when using the Clipboard Manager from JBuilder.
* To encourage you to try out the Clipboard Manager, I'm including 2 examples
* of things you can do using the new actions defined by this tool.
* Example 1: Using the Pop-Paste Action
* Let's say you have the following code:
* public void setMaxMin(int val, String name, Object obj) {
* maxVal = val;
* minVal = this.defaultVal;
* maxName = name;
* minName = this.defaultName;
* maxObject = obj;
* minObject = this.defaultObject;
* }
* private void setMaxMin() {
* // ...
* }
* and you decide you want to move only the minVal, minName and minObject assignments
* to the empty method. To do this, just use the Cut keystroke to cut the minVal line,
* the minName line and the minObject line one at a time. This puts them all on the Clipboard Stack.
* Now move to the other method. Click Control-Shift-V three times. Those three lines are inserted
* in LIFO order from the stack. This is a simple example, but it demonstrates how easy it is
* to make use of the Clipboard Stack. Often, it can be used when several blocks of code
* need to be moved around, and it is faster to cut them all and then paste them all,
* rather than moving them one at a time from place to place.
* Example 2: Using the Switch-Paste Action
* Often, you have coded something, and then realise that it needs a minor tweek.
* This could be something like having entered the parameters for a method in the wrong order,
* or making one method private and another public, when you intended it to be the other way around.
* These examples are similar, because the quick solution is to have a feature that allows you
* to easily switch text around. Let's revisit the code from the previous example, and see
* what we would do if we wanted to switch the access modifiers:
* public void setMaxMin(int val, String name, Object obj) {
* // ...
* }
* private void setMaxMin() {
* // ...
* }
* The challenge is to try to switch the modifiers without having to do any actual typing.
* Just using Copy and Paste this is very cumbersome, but using the Switch-Paste action
* this is quite easy. First, select "private" and copy it (ie Control-C). Next,
* select "public", and click Control-B. This pastes "private" over "public", making both methods private.
* Now, select the original "private" again, and click Control-B again. It pastes "public"
* over the selection. What happened is that when you type Control-B it switches the contents
* of the clipboard with the contents of the current selection. This is a simple example,
* to quickly show how this feature works, but it has many applications where all you want
* to do is switch two pieces of text quickly.

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