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ID: 17196, jEXE Create a Win32 native executable

by Ryan Ackley Email:

Creates a Win32 executable from a JBuilder project.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 5.0 1445 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 311,345 bytes
Updated on Tue, 08 Jan 2002 13:13:49 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 20 Dec 2001 14:22:50 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 6F286463656DA14BC2201F61D7FD8B445E5BAD92
MD5 Hash: C8890F96CF51D2ADA1024AE1E40A7502

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jEXE is an OpenTool plug in for JBuilder that facilitates the creation of a native executable file from a Pure Java application. It does this by using the Invocation API of the Java Native Interface(JNI). It creates C++ files containing all class file information that will be needed at runtime by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). IT DOES NOT COMPILE BYTE CODE OR JAVA CODE INTO NATIVE CODE. THE EXECUTABLES CREATED WITH jEXE WILL NOT RUN UNLESS THERE IS A JVM INSTALLED ON THE TARGET MACHINE!!!

Release Notes

This is a beta and there are still some features missing. I am also in kind of a hurry to get this out before I go on Christmas vacation so I may haveleft stuff out. I am definitely interested in any and all feedback. What features suck , what features would be useful, etc.

You will need a C++ compiler. Borland has a killer one that you can download for free. jEXE has built in support for MS visual C++ 6.0 and the free Borland compiler. Go to to get the compiler

Notes and Known Issues:

·I have tested it on Win2K and WinMe with JB4 and JB5. Let me know how it goes on other platforms.

·VM parameters specified on the run tab of the Project properties will actually be passed to the JVM in the exe file including classpath. I haven’t tested any these except –classpath and –cp

·Application arguments will NOT be passed on to the JVM.

·The Make will fail if you have Application arguments enclosed in quotes even though jEXE doesn’t use the application args, the parsing functionality is already in there.

·If your app needs to use the command line you are out of luck for now. This is my top priority to add command line functionality. My reasoning was, if you need to use the command line you might as well use the old fashioned method of running Java programs.

·Loading images or any other resource loaded through the ClassLoader is not supported at this time. This is another top priority. Class.getResource(), Class.getResourceAsStream(), ClassLoader.getResource(), ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream() will always return null.

An executable created with jEXE will create two files out.log and err.log. Which are System.out and System.err respectfully.

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, this opentool uses the BCEL (Byte Code Engineering Library) from the jakarta project

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