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ID: 17256, Orcka Component Suite

by Simon Carter Email: Anonymous

Orcka's Freeware Component Suite contains many components to aid in Rapid Appliction Development. Including a fully functional Plugin Manager, Spell Checker and StringGrid.
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For C++Builder, Version 6.0  to 6.0 477 downloads
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Size: 1,376,621 bytes
Updated on Wed, 06 Feb 2002 21:25:44 GMT
Originally uploaded on Sun, 06 Jan 2002 12:28:19 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 6E11A2F3551897823882020BCA691C9E5DB79DA8
MD5 Hash: B34BEDC1602F82C76741E53A714EC91C

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Orcka Component Suite contains many components to aid in Rapid Appliction Development.


The main components include a fully functional Plugin Mnager (TOrckaAddinManager), this allows any Delphi/Kylix and C++ Builder application to be extended using DLL's/SO's. An application can use an unlimited amount of plugins which can be shared across multiple programs minimizing coding and debugging time.

Using Plugins is extremely easy, simply drop a TOrckaAddinManager component onto a form, set three properties and with one line of code your application has the ability to be extended by plugins.

There are two types of plugins, they are

* Simple. This type of plugin adds menu items and toolbar buttons to an application. Examples of simple plugins include WebLine similar to Delphi Direct and External Tools allows users to add menu's which will launch their favourite applications from your program.

* Interactive. These are application specific plugins which can control the flow of an application, allowing developers to add functionality to any application without recompiling.

TOrckaAddinManager comes with built in support for menu items and toolbars. Managing all resources, memory allocation, menu and toolbar insertion and lots more. As well as this there is a comprehensive help file which is easily integrated into the Delphi IDE.


Included in Orcka's Component suite are two Spell checking components, they are:

TOrckaSpellChecker. This is a native non visual VCL/CLX Spell Checking component. Currently this component supports the following features:

* Main dictionary (user specified) initially a dictionary containing about 17000 (English and American) words is supplied.
* Custom dictionary - for adding new words.
* Soundex matching on all words in main & custom dictionary, this will provide a list of all words which are phonetically similar.
* Support for Custom Soundex Algorith.
* Ignore list - A List of words the spell checker can ignore.
* Basic grammar checking - rudimentary check of grammar before looking words up in the dictionary.
* Found position - The position of the word is remembered for easy location within text.
* Optionally ignore text which contain only numbers.
* Optionally ignore words with numbers.
* Optionally ignore upper case words.
* Multiple events for easy customisation.

TOrckaVisualSpellChecker is a component which can hook into any TCustomMemo descendant and perform spell checking.

Many other native VCL/CLX components are included within this set. For more information please visit or email

For more information, see

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