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ID: 17288, StarTeam 5.1 Borland C++ Builder 6 Integration

by John Sileski Email: Anonymous

Integrate Borland’s C++ Builder 6 with Starbase’s StarTeam change and configuration management system. Perform version control operations from within the C++ Builder IDE.
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For C++Builder, Version 6.0  to 6.0 123 downloads
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Size: 690,478 bytes
Updated on Fri, 22 Feb 2002 20:15:23 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 09 Jan 2002 12:07:34 GMT
SHA1 Hash: FB4434DF2FB5AA095379673DEC37D57FAA8E079E
MD5 Hash: 0020F2006DB7880C1238E136DAB84668

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StarTeam Product Overview

StarTeam' s automated change and configuration management system is more than just an SCM tool. It delivers a flexible, customizable solution with integrated requirements management, change management, defect tracking, file versioning, threaded discussion, and project and task management. These productivity components are fully integrated into one underlying repository and supported by tailorable workflow and process management. StarTeam functionality can be accessed via a wide range of client interfaces for fast adoption, whatever the skill level or responsibility.

And unlike other tools in the market, StarTeam can deliver all this functionality out of the box without the need to perform complicated installations and configurations.

StarTeam: Key Benefits

Enforces process
Provides traceability, improves problem detection

Autolinks file revisions to tasks, requirements, or change requests
Know what changed, who changed it, why, when, how long it took, which version, etc

Easy to use
All components are accessed via a single user interface for rapid adoption and ease of use

Supports "business continuity"
Can back-up ALL assets - issues, knowledge, and code accumulated during the development process

Ensures secure distributed development
Web-centric, architecture ensures that all users are supported with the same high level of security

Eliminates lost code
Reconstructs any configuration by rolling back to any labeled configuration or point in time

Provides an open customizable platform
Open Java/COM API makes StarTeam the "best fit" to your organization's needs

Easy to adopt and deploy
StarTeam can replace or directly access archives in Merant™ PVCS ® VM or Microsoft ® Visual SourceSafe®

Works the way you want to work
Can be tailored to the workflow needs of your organization

Provides high performance for distributed, remote teams
Supports large teams and large projects with multithreaded, load balancing architecture, special communication options and 'push' caching technology

Visit or contact us at
Starbase Corporation
Corporate Headquarters
4 Hutton Center Drive
Suite 900
Santa Ana, CA 92707
888 782-7700 | 714 445-4400 | Fax 714 445-4404

NOTE - Use of this IDE integration requires the availability of a StarTeam client and a StarTeam project server which can be downloaded for a free 30 day evaluation from

For more information, see

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