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ID: 17651, Count CR - Count lines in files.

by Kevin Jesshope Email: Anonymous

Multi-Threaded count of lines in a file or files. It is not a flashy program - just functional.
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For Delphi, Version 6.0  to 6.0 763 downloads
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Size: 18,457 bytes
Updated on Sun, 07 Apr 2002 17:23:44 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 11 Mar 2002 22:30:24 GMT
MD5 Hash: C96E9995243E97D680CEF0C5F5578016

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I needed to count the number of records exported to a series of CSV files so CountCR was born.

It simply uses a number of threads managed in a pool to count the CR's in a list of files. It includes an Abort button to stop the count should you need to - some of the exported CSV's that I count have over 2 million records.

The threads are kept in a pool and a task is created for each file that needs to be counted. The tasks are stored in a ThreadList. Each thread in the pool takes the next task on the list and processes it before looking for another task. Signalling to waiting threads is handled by a TEvent and the GUI is updated with Synchronize calls.

The TThreadPool, TPooledThread and the abstract TCustomTask form the core of the application. TStreamCountTask is descended from TCustomTask and implements the actual counting code. Different tasks can be accomodated by making a descendant of TCustomTask and writing the appropriate OnThreadUpdate event code. Instances of the new Task are then added to the ThreadPool.

TThreadPool is now a component. The demo program however still manually creates the TThreadPool so that the component does not need to be installed. Package source is included for those who want it.

Contest entry forMultithreaded programming

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