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ID: 17733, Multithreaded illustration of MAXMIN principle of prognosing sca

by Alexandr Gruzdev Email:

Multithreaded illustration of MAXMIN principle of prognosing scaling processes of fractal type on Forex market.
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Updated on Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:14:36 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 28 Mar 2002 07:12:43 GMT
SHA1 Hash: B184B63FB58E4081B16BCD05E18601E0E3455A69
MD5 Hash: 2E4A89E8E028DFAD524F4BF9CC0538BB

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This work offers the single- scale illustration of the principle of determinated motion in price processes..

We are sure, that any member of community, which somehow comes into contact with financial markets, tried to prognose their behaviour even though on the nearest time.

There are time rows of different scales – minute, hour, day, week, month and it is necessary to determine the best time for entering and going out of the market in interesting for us time trade interval – day trading, the work during some days, long-term investments.

Causal market movement on selected scale, which we identify with trend, appear on the hyperbolaic behaviour of spectrum of time of investigated financial instrument on the given scale. For increasing the stability of financial activity on making the decision of entering the market we demand maximum possible causality – minimum uncertainty of scaling imagination of instrument in which we are interested in- stocks, currencies, futures, options. At this moment we work on the hypothesis that minimum of uncertainty is achieved with hyperbolaic behaviour of spectrum on different time scales of financial instrument in one direction.
F- the functional of purpose
X- scale of trading interval we are interested in
Y- uncertainty of the market behaviour
We characterize the strategy by the principle max(X) min(Y) F,
achieving of maximum profit on the chosen working scale with minimum uncertainty in market behaviour or its maximum determination.

We invite a partner having the data base on markets for joint making of analysis of motion N markets and giving the moments of entering and going out in appearing trade situations on the basis of supposed principle MAXMIN prognosing of scaling processes of fractal type – receiving maximum on the chosen working scale in maximal uncertainty in market behaviour.

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