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ID: 17986, JSuite 6.01

by Timothy Hitchings Email: Anonymous

JSuite provides the most comprehensive set of Java-based components available today. Now we've combined our Java suites to deliver it all: AWT, JavaBeans? and Swing. Create powerful, eye-pleasing applications or browser-based applets with the rich look and feel your users expect.

We've included everything you need: grid, tree, client-side charting, data explorer, Gantt, calendaring, rich, graphical data input components and convenient utility components. And now our new server features add robust back-end functionality to your applications.
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For JBuilder, Version 7.0  to 7.0 269 downloads
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Size: 10,420,281 bytes
Updated on Wed, 15 May 2002 11:33:49 GMT
Originally uploaded on Tue, 07 May 2002 10:25:24 GMT
SHA1 Hash: A1971635C587CE12FC16F3D4CE41378A1C274D6B
MD5 Hash: 7EEB8FA860D50FF3EEF868C82DE228FA

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JSuite Includes:
Applet Wrappers ? We've supplied our AWT components with wrapper files for value-added convenience. Our AWT components can be utilized in a web page without writing any Java code at all. The wrappers allow you to manipulate the appearance and/or data associated with each component using JavaScript or VBScript.

Advanced N-Tier Data Models ? Infragistics data models feature an n-tier architecture that seamlessly connects streaming data over sockets to front-end applications. Easily render data from any source to charts or grids. Data models include: XML, JDBC, URL, file, sockets and IDE specific models.

Complete AWT toolset ideal for migrating legacy applications to Java

PowerChart for powerful, interactive Java charting

Calendar functionality provide rich, integrated scheduling tools

DataExplorer provides a familiar interface and drill-down capabilities

DataTable features cell-merging, sorting, printing and more

TreeView with drag and drop, searching, sorting and more

N-Tier Data Models to easily render data from any souce in charts and grids

Calendaring ? Our scheduling and time management components include a Calendar, DayView, WeekView and DateEdit with drop-down calendar. Our graphically rich calendar is available in one, three, six and twelve-month views, and can be synchronized with DayView for appointment synchronization. Advanced features include multi-line text and images in Calendar day cells, multiple selection of dates and complete UI customization for maximum flexibility.

DataExplorer ? Winner of the JDJ Editor's Choice and Java Pro Reader's Choice awards. Our DataExplorer component delivers a familiar explorer interface that allows users to drill- down through hierarchical data structures and display corresponding tables or custom Java panels in the right-hand pane. The DataExplorer allows you to maintain the look and feel your users are familiar with, as you convert legacy applications to the Java environment.

DataTable ? The industry-leading grid components for Java developers. Bind to any data source using flexible Infragistics data models. The DataTable is available in AWT and Swing versions. Both include features for merging cells, printing, images, sorting and searching, as well as built-in support for in-cell validation using the JSuite Display and Editing components. The Swing DataTable extends JTable and includes additional features -including the ability to use Choice (drop-down text/image combobox). Developers with current JTable applications can use the Swing DataTable component and maintain their original codebase, while taking advantage of all the great new features added by Infragistics.

Editing Components ? A robust collection of components, available in AWT and Swing versions, essential for data input. Included are combobox (image/text drop-down), currency, date edit, mask edit, numeric, password and static text.

Gantt ? Display hierarchical data in the familiar style of a Gantt chart (tree nodes on the left associated with bar chart data display on the right). Control the appearance of both sides of the Gantt component. Advanced behaviors include the ability to synchronize selected bars with selected nodes in the tree.

Utility and UI Components ? Tab, color picker, calculator, scrollbar and shapes, as well as flexible, customizable image, round and spin buttons. Graphical calculator component can be used alone or as an in-cell drop-down in our grid, numeric or currency component. Custom functions can be substituted to accomplish industry-specific calculations or tasks. The Scrollbar is fully customizable, with a wide variety of properties and methods. The developer has advanced control over the appearance and behavior of the scrollbar with custom images and events.

TreeView ? Create eye-appealing, feature-rich treeviews for web site navigation and Java applications. Available in both AWT and Swing versions, the TreeView is fully customizable with numerous options for appearance, background colors and node images. Multiple selection, advanced sorting and searching, and drag and drop capabilities make this tree highly functional. The Swing version extends JTree to add advanced drag &drop capabilities, check boxes, radio buttons and complete customization of colors, fonts and images. With full support for the entire feature set found in the standard JTree, developers can drop in the Swing TreeView component and take advantage of all the great new features added by Infragistics, without rewriting code.

PowerChart ? Included with JSuite! The most complete and versatile charting solution for Java, PowerChart uses an advanced 2D and 3D rendering engine to quickly deliver stunning charts to any application. Easily render data from any source with the Infragistics data models. PowerChart's built-in interactive features allow end-users to rotate, zoom or manipulate data points on charts at run-time.

NEW Server Side Classes
Access Control List ? Regulate permissions and levels of access based on roles assigned to your application/system user's logon. Each role consists of a set of one or more attributes. Using the ACL, a client finds the user name and corresponding role and check, for the proper authority before any functionality permitted. A client can further check whether a role has the required attributes.

Password Validation ? Authenticate user ID and password against a directory server or database, with encryption. Easily add, delete or modify a user profile or manage existing profiles and passwords. Directory servers include Active Directory Server and Netscape (iPlanet) Directory Server.

Connection Pooling ? Maintain a specified pool of connections at startup, eliminating the need for time-dependent "retry connection" code. When a client makes a call to connect, if a connection is available it is returned. If one is not available and the maximum connections are already in use, the component will keep trying until the specified time out is reached. If the maximum connections are not in use then a new connection will be created and added to the pool and returned.

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