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ID: 18207, SkinLookAndFeelOT

by Christopher Deckers Email:

SkinLookAndFeelOT - Allows to select the Skin Look And Feel into JBuilder.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 6.0 2553 downloads
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Size: 303,080 bytes
Updated on Mon, 01 Jul 2002 07:59:28 GMT
Originally uploaded on Mon, 01 Jul 2002 07:57:20 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 13FC48F0507E591B6C2BFCD9A2CBD1B6EB7001D1
MD5 Hash: 7F501F72135BB1E228EE0F6A4E1A59C4

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SkinLookAndFeelOT - Allows to select the Skin Look And Feel into JBuilder.

I wrote this OpenTool because I wanted to test the Skin Look And Feel that I
found on the Internet. At the same time I saw the openTool that allows to set
the Kunststoff Look and Feel so I decided to do the same with the Skin Look And
Feel. The result is GREAT! :)

The Skin Look And Feel package usable in your applications is located at

The Skin Look And Feel licence is located at
My Terms are that everyone can use this open tool as they like, and that I am
not responsible for any problems you may encounter.

The advantage of this Look and Feel over normal ones is that it is skin based,
and anyone can design his own themepacks. That means JBuilder's interface using
this openTool has infinite possibilities (as well as any application using this
look and feel).

* Place the SkinLookAndFeel.jar into the directory [jbuilder_root]\lib\ext.
* Place one of the thempacks under the name "" into the directory
* restart JBuilder.
* Go in the IDE options and select "Skin Look And Feel" as the look and feel in
use in JBuilder.

Different themepacks can be found at (personnaly I love the
aquathemepack, which I deliver in the zip file under the name

* Select one of the other look and feel in the IDE options.
* Delete SkinLookAndFeel.jar
* Restart JBuilder.

If you delete the jar file without having selected another look and feel, then
JBuilder may hang when restarting. You then need to remove the line
"browser;" from the file located in [user profile]\.jbuilder4.

This tool has been tested on JBuilder 4, but later version should support it.

Enjoy! :)
Christopher Deckers.

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