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ID: 18309, Kylix 3 C++ Demos for SDL

by Dominique Louis Email: Anonymous

Kylix 3, C++ Builder 6 and Free BCC project Demos for SDL ( )
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For Kylix, Version 3.0  to 3.0 411 downloads
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Size: 7,092,138 bytes
Updated on Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:14:03 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:13:17 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9872A3CAF434CFB105EC5A435A5BB03AB38180BE
MD5 Hash: 353FAC3EE282D1DC7BF64905927A072D

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Kylix 3 C++ Builder SDL 1.2.4 Demo Projects - by Dominique Louis on behalf of Team JEDI
These Kylix 3 C++ Builder Projects have been built and tested with Kylix 3 C++ ( under Mandake 8.1 ) and C++ Builder 6 ( under Windows 2000 ).

SDL ( ), is an API that allows you to build your multimedia applications ( usually games ) under Windows, Linux, MacOS and a host of other Operating Systems. It is infinitely easier to learn that DirectX and of course it is cross-platform!!!

SDL has been used to port many commercial games from Windows to Linux, so check the Loki website ( ) for a small list. There is also another, more extensive list of SDL games on the SDL site itself.

Included is a slightly modified version of Sam Lantinga's official source code release of SDL 1.2.4...
SDL 1.2.4
SDL_image 1.2.2
SDL_mixer 1.2.4
SDL_net 1.2.4
SDL_sound 0.1.5 - Ryan Gordon
SDL_ttf 2.0.5
smpeg 0.4.4

It is only modified in the fact that all the above libraries are included together in one archive. Nothing else has been changed.

There is also a Runtimes directory which contains a Linux and Windows sub-directory
* Under Linux install the respective RPMs if you do not have them installed already.
* Under Windows extract the zips to your Windows\System or System32 directory.

As well as Sam's and Ryan's original source code you will find Borland directories within each of the library directories mentioned above.

Each Borland directory contains projects for C++ Builder 6 ( bcb6 ), Free Borland Command Line Compiler ( freebcc ), Kylix 3 ( k3 ) and for the Windows demos a lib directory for dynamically linking to the various SDL libraries under Windows ( Note the lib directory only exists in the top level Borland directory and all the other Windows demos refer to it ). Linux users do not need *.lib files as the Shared Object is linked right into the project.

Each of these Borland subdirectories contain projects for their respective compilers.

NOTE : C++ Builder 6 projects are not compatible with Kylix 3 projects hence the reason why they are in separate directories.

Notes for Kylix 3 developers under Linux
On Mandrake 8.1 the shared objects for SDL are located in the /usr/lib directory as libSDL_*.so and the Mesa OpenGL shared objects are located in /usr/X11R6/lib as libGL*.so

So if your setup is different you may need to re-link to the ones on your system.

On Mandrake 8.1 the headers files are located at /usr/include/SDL/. So if you you have not installed the development RPMs ( usually named ( libSDL-devel* ) for SDL ( not included ) you may have to change the include directory within some of the projects.

Known Problems
The only known problem is that I was unable to create the projects that rebuilt the SDL shared objects due to time constraints and lack of intimate knowledge of Linux.

To rebuild the SDL_sound shared object properly you may need to install various libraries to be able to decode certain file formats.

Apart from that everything should work out of the box.

I hope your experience with SDL proves to be a positive one, because cross-platform game development has never been easier.


Dominique Louis - Team JEDI home page. - Game development news and views with Object Pascal compilers. - turbo website : game development with Borland compilers.

For more information, see

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