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ID: 18312, Advantage TDataSet Descendant for Kylix

by Dirk Erickson Email: Anonymous

Provides easy migration path for Delphi TDataSet Descendant applications to Kylix. The Advantage Data Architect("ARC") for Kylix is also included with Kylix source code. This version is tested for Kylix 2. See for the version tested for Kylix 3 (currently in beta - due to release late summer of 2002).
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For Kylix, Version 2.0  to 2.0 6 downloads
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Updated on Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:58:27 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:56:48 GMT
The Advantage TDataSet Descendant for Kylix includes table, query, connection, stored procedure and data dictionary components (and a setting component for backwards compatibility). The table and query components have properties which match TTable and TQuery. The Data Dictionary component provides Data Dictionary management properties and methods. The stored procedure component (TAdsStoredProc) provides methods and properties for the execution of Advantage Extended Procedure (AEP) DLLs with are registered in the Data Dictionary. Additionally, the TAdsQuery component provides extra properties like the Scope properties, and methods like AdsCreateIndex which allows for greater flexibility and performance over the standard TQuery.

The Advantage Data Architect("ARC") for Kylix is also included with Kylix source code. ARC is a data managmenet toool which provides an interfaces for creating, modifying, and indexing tables and data dictionaries, and defining Referential Intergrity rules, constraints, and registering AEPs. It also includes an SQL test window and a Remote Database Server Management interface.

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