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ID: 18583, InfoPower 3000

by Paul Woll Email: Anonymous

InfoPower 3000 is suite of Award Winning Database Components including sophisticated grids, editors, richedits, filtering and searching dialogs, and other powerful easy-to-use controls.
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For Delphi, Version 1.0  to 7.0 520 downloads
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Size: 4,787,839 bytes
Updated on Wed, 07 Aug 2002 21:42:00 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 01 Aug 2002 01:46:31 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 7670DCF0EF9FA46AECED6CB288F193FC08544490
MD5 Hash: 0EE222A510757270D90593FDEFD20002

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InfoPower 3000
InfoPower is a suite of visual components specifically designed to give professional database developers unmatched power in their Delphi and C++ Builder applications. Infopower includes a greatly enhanced data-aware grid, advanced edit controls including controls for lookups, dates and times, visual filtering dialogs, picture mask validation support, record viewers, incremental searching, QBE support, a powerful and versatile new datainspector (heirarchical transposed grid) component, true virtual dataset support, custom framing and transparent effects in its edit controls, and so much more.

Delphi Informant recently reviewed InfoPower 3000. Here are some highlights...
· "The Grid Alone Is Worth the Upgrade"
· "I have been using InfoPower since the first version, and, with each release, I am amazed at the power of its new features. InfoPower just keeps getting better."
· "If I could only have one add-in component suite for Delphi, it would be InfoPower. InfoPower will reduce the amount of code you have to write and provide your users with a much more attractive, powerful, and functional user interface than any you could create using the standard Delphi components alone. InfoPower continues to be the must-have add-in for Delphi developers."

Now in InfoPower 3000, we are pleased to announce a major upgrade to our award-winning InfoPower component suite. From its powerful new hierarchical grids to its new multi-record data inspector, Woll2Woll Software brings you the professional qualities you demand. Go to: to see the new features of InfoPower 3000. Check our website: for new versions.

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