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ID: 18803, Directory Back-up/Zip Utility

by Ronald Goulden Email:

This directory level back-up utility allows the user to back-up entire directory structures with a single click, compressing them into a zip file.
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Updated on Tue, 22 Apr 2003 21:05:18 GMT
Originally uploaded on Wed, 04 Sep 2002 09:49:09 GMT
Directory Zip & Back-up utility (DirZipâ) – This is a directory level back-up utility that allows the user to back up entire directory structures with a single click of a button. It compresses the files in a WinZip compatible format. It is common to be able to back-up 250mb of data on a single LS-120, ZIP 100 diskette and solid state drives. Larger capacities allow for greater back-ups. The registered version provides search and restore capabilities.

DirZip®, the Directory Zip/Back-up utility is another product I developed. It provides a convenient tool to back-up entire directories with the click of a button. The degree of compression varies with the type of data being saved. On a 700mhz Pentium III with 256mb of RAM, I can consistently compress 450mb of data to a zip disk, or flash disk or scandisk in less than 15 minutes.

The utility provides ongoing statistics regarding the back-up progress, and even provides a visual indicator of the amount of disk space remaining on your back-up media. This utility does support media spanning. The registered version allows for restoration of the entire archive or a selected file and a search through the archives for a file.

A simple on/off toggle switch turns the utility on and presents the primary form. After the initial set-up, all the user needs to do is select the target drive and click the red arrow. The back-up will proceed, compressing and saving every file in every subdirectory of the selected root directories. The statistics update dynamically as the back-up progresses.

The right-most screen illustrates the simplicity of the control file, which specifies the DIRECTORIES to be backed up. Remember, this is a directory level back-up utility. In this respect, it is ideal for software companies who want to provide a back-up function to preserve their functional directories on their customers PCs. This product can be privately branded.

All of the programs I develop have a standardized ABOUT form. This form includes the calculator and calendar function and a dynamic memory utilization monitor. The ABOUT form also tests the processor speed when is activates. The key in the center of the screen is the link to the unlock form which will enable all of the functions of this program.

The registered/unlocked version of the program provides the ability to restore the entire archive, restore only a selected file from the archive, and to search all the .ZIP files in a directory for a specific file. This program uses the standard ZIP format; so commercial programs will uncompress the archives it creates.

As the back-up progresses, the available disk space is updated, as are the compression statistics. Upon completion of the compression, a simple click of the On/Off switch turns off the application and provides the user with the ability to rename the archive.

An in depth, context-sensitive help file is available with the registered version of this program.

This program can be ‘private-branded’.

For more information, see

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