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ID: 19125, Teamstudio Analyzer for Java v1.0

by Mark Dixon Email: Anonymous

Teamstudio® Analyzer for Java, a powerful audit tool, analyzes Java applications against nearly 150 best-practices rules.
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For JBuilder, Version 5.0  to 8.0 256 downloads
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Size: 2,266,730 bytes
Updated on Thu, 31 Oct 2002 06:56:27 GMT
Originally uploaded on Thu, 31 Oct 2002 06:53:51 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 84A9884C2E9ACCF54746B96B18EDA5FBC1794FC3
MD5 Hash: 4784118C04C59D54B4AA390982E1D021

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Teamstudio® Analyzer for Java(TM) is a powerful, best-practices audit tool that allows you to analyze your Java applications. Analyzer is intuitive and easy to install, and helps improve the quality of your Java code while increasing productivity.

Analyzer helps with testing, debugging and documenting Java projects while you’re developing in Borland’s JBuilder(TM) (v5-v8). The tool works by reading the code in your Java project, analyzing it and creating a list of error conditions, linking the conditions to the specific lines of code in question.

By automatically finding nearly 150 issues--such as unused private fields and methods, unterminated cases in switch statements, or local variables hiding fields--Teamstudio Analyzer for Java ensures that your code review time will be far more productive. You’ll develop clean, efficient code that allows you to comply with coding standards and deliver bulletproof Java applications.

Analyzer’s rules address coding issues, such as:

Standards Compliance
- Correct names
- Correct use of javadoc
- Length of classes

Unused elements
- Private fields and methods
- Local variables
- Method parameters

Common Coding Errors
- Incorrect comparisons (strings and floating point)
- Unterminated cases in switch statements
- Missing braces in "loop" and "if" statements
- Local variables hiding fields

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