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ID: 19151, Delphi 7.0 ActionBands Patch (all languages)

by Steve Trefethen Email: Anonymous

Unofficial (read unsupported) update of ActionBands feature of Delphi 7.0 & 7.01. Effects both end user applications and the Delphi IDE since it uses ActionBand menus.
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For Delphi, Version 7.0  to 7.0 8753 downloads
Copyright: All rights reserved

Size: 673,350 bytes
Updated on Fri, 18 May 2007 13:40:17 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Nov 2002 10:03:59 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9C4A9C5D160A08F4D1A6FCCB6AE0560003C56CE9
MD5 Hash: 43A0A2087213F15AE4C2E2EAB3477BC5

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NOTE: The D7.1 patch does not include the fixes addressed in the unofficial ActionBands update. Installing D7.01 will revert the ActionBands files back to the original shipping D7 files. After installing the D7.01 update you will need to reinstall the unofficial ActionBands patch which may require you to run undoabupdate.bat (included in the ActionBands update) first. I was unable to convince QA to include the TPopupActionBarEx component which did not originally ship with D7 therefore applying the D7.01 patch will break applications that use this component.

This is an unofficial (read unsupported) update of the ActionBands feature of Delphi 7.0 & 7.01 that addresses the items listed below. This patch will effect both end user applications that use ActionBands as well as the Delphi IDE itself since the menus in the IDE are ActionBand menus.

This update also includes a ActionBand popup menu component not release with the shipping version of Delphi 7.0.

- Standard menu color scheme now correctly handles the flat menu style (see SPI_GETFLATMENU in MSDN).
- Fixed an issue regarding auto hotkey calculation.
- Fixed transparent painting problem for actionbands with background bitmaps.
- Fix an issue where the application hint wasn't being updated correctly.
- Fixed issues with TActionMainMenuBar not functioning correctly in MDI applications.
- Fixed issue with setting ActionBand popup menu colors correctly.
- Fixed F1 help on ActionBand menus.
- Fixed issue regarding ActionBand menus no longer respond to Ctrl-key combinations.
- Fixed problems related to positioning menus with Ctrl-arrow key combinations.
- Fixed menu items so they can be selected with the right mouse button.
- Fix to allow arrow keys to function within a menu even if the Alt key held down pressed.
- Fixed popup menu shadows not appearing on Windows 2000.
- Fixed Customize dialog to show actions from linked ActionLists correctly.
- Fixed TActionManager.AddSeparator method so separators get added correctly.
- Fixed a bug so that a submenus parent item is reselected if the mouse leaves the parent item but passes over the submenu before it closes.
- Improved the drawing of the XP style menu buttons.
- Fixed bug in Standard style menu button paint logic.
- Fixed problems with TCustomizeActionBars action so that it will work even when it is not in a TActionManager but it's ActionManager property is assigned.
- Fixed drawing problems with dropdown buttons on TActionToolbar for both XP and Standard styles
- Fixed AV dragging a category over a menu item and then over a TActionToolBar

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