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ID: 19154, Optimal Report Generator

by Calin Lukas Email: Anonymous

High performance multiplatform Report Designer and Report Runtime System for reports deploying for stand alone, client/server and internet applications.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 8.0 97 downloads
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Size: 12,130,976 bytes
Updated on Fri, 01 Nov 2002 15:54:02 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Nov 2002 13:50:50 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 0F228A23B46E482F729C4693B55A1B2F6E8535F1
MD5 Hash: 8C3D7D048D5C2B4B9B6186B5365A5526

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Optimal Report Generator is a multiplatform product based on Java technology for graphic reports creation/preview/printing, using both sources from relational databases or data entered by the user through a program. It runs on Solaris, Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux or any Java2-compliant platforms.

- Exports reports in various formats, including: XSL Formatting Objects, PDF and HTML
- Ease of use, through new features as: alignment of objects relative to page borders, editing of data sources in the Tree Panel, etc.
- Various data formats can be applied to the report's data fields (numeric formats, currency formats, date and time formats)
- Macros (for page number, date of report generation, number of report pages) can be included in any report section
- Supports Environment Variables that let users define run-time bound values. Using these variables in Advanced filters, you can define filtering criteria specific for each report layout, independent of the filters defined in data sources.
- Both report's data sources and layout may be handled (creation, modification) from within your Windows applications using the new ORG API
- Optimal Report Generator Runtime offers the possibility of using ORG as report Server in your web-based applications
- An easier access to our support is available
- An enhanced Programming Guide for Optimal Report Generator API is now available with samples in C++ and Java
- Has multiple data sources (databases and/or programmed interfaces)
- Can be interfaced with Java programs and/or various types of program modules through its JNI-interface
- Has a powerful report and data source designer
- Defines re-usable report components (visual object-oriented report creation)
- The end-user can change dynamically modify the report layout and the data sources
- Runs on all Sun ® Java ª enabled platforms
- Works with all databases supported by the Optimal Middleware Java edition

Optimal Report Generator's Modules
Optimal Report Generator (ORG) is composed of three modules:
1. Report Generator Designer - a MDI design tool for the creation and visual editing of report layouts and data sources (using the Datasource Manager), as well as for printing and previewing.
2. Report Generator API - a powerfull Java API which allows report (data source and layouts) creation from Java programs. The API exposes the same features and facilities as Report Generator Designer does.
3. Report Generator Previewer - a Java component (bean) which allows the previewing, printing and exporting of reports.

Optimal Report Generator Runtime System is a module used to preview or to print a report created with Optimal Report Generator Designer. It can be integrated in Java applications as a Java Bean or it can be used from Windows applications through JNI technology which offers the fastest way of preview/print your reports. Due to the fact that it works with Optimal Middleware, Optimal Report Generator allows the use of databases within the sources, regardless of their type.

An ORG report is composed of a report layout (which contains all the graphical or textual report elements and widgets) and a data source (which provides data for the report's data fields). For portability and simplicity reasons, an ORG report is saved in XML format.

A report has the following sections:
- a report header
- a main section
- a page footer
- a report footer

Any of these sections can contain entities such as:
- charts
- formatted text
- labels - contains any text
- data fields - take data from the data source-fields
- images - contain an image (in .gif or .jpeg formats)
- lines and boxes
- switches to select between more elements

An important facility offered by Optimal Report Generator is that all the elements of a report: data sources, layouts or report components can be used in any other report.

Integrating with Database System Creator
Together with Database System Creator - our multiplatform database design and creation tool - you have a powerfull and complete package for creating database application. Based on a database design you can:
- automatically create the database on a large variety of SQL92-compliant database servers (using JDBC drivers)
- automatically generate sequence code in high level programming languages (C++/Java/VB) for data manipulation or data definition tasks
- build advanced graphics reports for your data and preview/print them from C++/Java applications.

Who was ORG designed for?
- companies that create prefab applications and reports, and offer the possibility for the end-user to develop new reports
- companies that create applications and offer the users an interface for reports extraction: the end-user will deal with the layout and the data sources
- companies that create applications and reports, offering the possibility for the end-user to modify only the layout
- companies that give the end-user the application and also the configuration of the database, so that the end-user is able to create his own data sources
- end-users that buy the company application and also the Optimal Report Generator and are able to create reports with the Optimal Report Designer
- companies that already has the applications that need integration of the designer. Optimal Solution is offering a co-operation agreement, which will establish the integration terms.

System requirements
- Java ™ 2, JRE Standard Edition Version 1.3.x or newer enabled platforms:
- Microsoft Windows 9x/NT4/2000
- Mac OS
- Linux
- Sun Solaris ® and various other UNIXes

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