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ID: 19160, Expert System Creator

by Calin Lukas Email: Anonymous

Expert System Creator is a powerful, flexible, intuitive environment for the development, testing and debugging, profiling and optimization of expert system-based applications.
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For JBuilder, Version 4.0  to 8.0 75 downloads
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Size: 11,308,087 bytes
Updated on Fri, 01 Nov 2002 17:05:55 GMT
Originally uploaded on Fri, 01 Nov 2002 16:15:44 GMT
SHA1 Hash: 9653D13C6D3584C853394621F32C349CCAA9F519
MD5 Hash: 04CA66C3653AFD9F93BBB8D3DCFDB8B8

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Technical Details Description:
Expert System Creator suite is composed of:
• Decision Frame Designer
• Decision Table Designer
• Decision Tree Designer
• Code Generator Module and Dictionary Manager
• Version Manager and Explorer

Decision Frame Designer is a rule-based expert system (also named decision frame) designer that allows you to design, debug, profile and generate code for your system. Building a decision frame is a visual process those sparing you of the task of learning a new language. All that you need to know is the C programming language syntax for basic expressions. Available elements (each of them having a graphical representation) are: global variables, templates, functions and rules, organized in separate modules. Decision Frame Debugger is a powerful debugger offering you the possibility to test your system against the two most popular expert system shells: CLIPS and JESS. Finally, the CLIPS/JESS code for your expert system can be generated.

Decision Tree Designer represents business logic in the convenient form of a decision tree. Available nodes for a decision tree are decision nodes (multi-path or boolean) and action nodes. Using Decision Tree Debugger and Tracing module let you test and debug the behavior of the decision tree after you integrate it in your application. Using Rule viewer panel you can visualize all the rules that exist in a decision tree.

Decision Table Designer represents business logic in the compact and understandable form of a decision table. A decision table consists of a two-dimensional array of cells. Each row contains the system’s conditions and each column represents a rule of your system. A decision table is suitable for the analysis of completion and correctness, which is supported by the Table Analyzer module. Translation to/from decision tree representation is also provided. Using Decision Table Debugger you test and debug the behavior of the decision table after you integrate it in your application.

Both, Decision Table Designer and Decision Tree Designer, use Code Generator and Dictionary Manager modules to easily integrate your decision tables/trees in external C++/Java applications. A dictionary manages the user-defined types and data imported into decision table/tree from your C++/Java applications. Code Generator module generates code for a decision table/tree, helping you to include the decision expertise in your applications.

Version Manager module and Version Explorer graphical tool are integrated in all three designers enabling you to manage your individual and team projects easier than before. Version Manager module maintains multiple versions of a project and its components saving them into a database (using JDBC 2.0 compliant drivers) in XML format. Version Explorer is a tool which displays important information about the status of the Version Manager Database, such as its projects, list of components, last updates, labels, history list etc. It also let you to go back to older versions of your projects or to import components from a project or another.

Features and benefits:
• Supports all the life phases of a software project: documentation and analysis, implementation, testing, debugging and profiling
• Cross-platform application running on Java 1.3 enabled platforms
• Visual development environment supported by powerful designers (using Swing GUI toolkit)
• All designers have integrated debuggers
• Offers the possibility of external interfacing with C++/Java applications
• Saves projects in XML format to a disk file or to a database (JDBC 2.0 compliant)
• Project versioning facilities

System requirements
- Java ™ 2, JRE Standard Edition Version 1.3.x enabled platforms:
- Microsoft Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP
- Mac OS
- Linux
- Sun Solaris and various other UNIXes
- Optimal Middleware Java Version 1.0

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